Thomas Zippelli is a Howard County native having grown up here during his childhood and attending River Hill High School. He is passionately sharing his message EAT LOCAL! Since his return to the area, Thomas has worked on building his relationships with the local farmers and farmer markets. His morning wouldn’t be complete without taking his truck around to pick up some local produce to add to the menu each night. Building relationships, supporting local farmers, and sourcing fresh, local ingredients are what make Chef Zippelli truly unique. “It’s the responsible thing to do and I couldn’t be more grateful to all of the locals that allow me the opportunity to work together to create truly unique dining experiences with some of the freshest local ingredients around!”


At the Turn House, we use only the freshest, local ingredients to create our delicious and innovative dishes. Whether you are stopping by for a frosty cocktail with friends, family dinner on the patio, or a cozy date night by one of our fireplaces, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy not only the quality food but the casual and friendly atmosphere! Our menu is seasonally inspired and produce driven. We work with local farmer’s to bring a superior quality product in every dish we create!